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I have always loved to craft and dabbled in anything that piqued my interest...candle making, decoupage, resin, airdry clay, Christmas ornaments and so much more!

The last few years I saw an art form that really caught my eye. It is called Gelli Plate Printing. It is the process of transferring paint from a gelatin like sheet onto paper. 

Initially, it was more of a process of layering multiple pulls of paint on one image to create the final product. I decided to use the papers I painted to create collages. I had tried it years ago but this new element seemed to bring out my imagination.

As I experimented, I started to use different types of paper and my collaging went from being fairly rustic to more refined as I improved my cutting and tearing techniques. 

I take inspiration from so many amazing artists on line, and am constantly testing my boundaries. The last couple of years have been very difficult and sitting down at my work table and losing myself into the world of art has been a critical component in dealing with life. I call it my "Life Therapy".

I hope you enjoy my version of this mixed media art!! It really is my heart and soul.



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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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